Where do I park?

  • IMAN: 2744 W. 63rd Street
  • St. Rita’s Church: 6243 S. Fairfield Avenue
  • Churchview Supportive Living: 2626 W. 63rd Street
  • Maria High School: 6727 S. California Avenue
  • Sisters of St Casimir: 2601 W. Marquette Road
  • Along Mann Drive (internal Marquette Park road)

Where do I enter?

  • The entrance for #Streets2016 is located at the intersection of Marquette & Sacramento Avenues.

How much does it cost?

  • There is a $5 suggested donation for guests attending #Streets2016.

Can I re-enter the park throughout the day?

  • Yes, you MUST have a wristband to enter #Street2016

Can I bring my kids?

  • Sure! Strollers are allowed, as well as the youngsters sitting inside them!

What if I get sick?

  • There will be medical staff available to assist you at the First Aid tent.

I require special assistance, can I attend #Streets2016?

  • We welcome all guests to the festival. *Insert ADA parking, assistance, etc info


Parking lots:

  • IMAN Headquarters — 2744 W. 63rd St.
  • IMAN Youth & Arts Wellness Center  — 2747 W. 63rd St.
  • St. Rita Parish — 6205 S. Fairfield Ave.

Trolley pick-up:

  • 63rd and Fairfield Ave.
Parking lots:

  • Catalyst Maria High School — 6727 S. California Ave.
  • Sisters of St. Casimir — 2601 W. Marquette Rd.

Trolley pick-up:

  • Marquette Rd. and Washtenaw Ave.
Parking lots:

  • Along interior park road (Mann Drive, Redfield Drive, Kanst Drive)

Trolley pick-up:

  • All along interior park road


We want all our guest to have a healthy and safe #Streets2016 experience. Please take these simple steps to ensure you’re feeling great when the day is over: (1) stay hydrated; (2) eat regularly; (3) dress appropriately; and (4) protect yourself from the sun.


The following items will not be allowed: Tents, coolers, flags, musical instruments, knives or other weapons, video cameras, audio recording devices, professional cameras (NO cameras with detachable lenses), selfie sticks, pets, food, beverages (other than sealed bottled water), alcohol, drugs or drug paraphernalia.