Young James Brown

Tony Wilson is a Chicago native who has gained national recognition preserving the visual legacy of The Godfather of Soul, James Brown. After years of performances, Tony met James Brown in 1999. During that meeting, a producer asked Brown, “What do we call Mr. Tony Wilson?” Brown looked at Wilson and said, “Young James Brown!

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Preacher Moss

Preacher Moss is clearly the new prototype for the comedian of these times and the times to come. He is intellectual, yet humble, charismatic and dynamic. A writer for “The Damon Wayans Show” and “Saturday Night Live,” Preacher Moss’ comedy stylings are distinguished for being sculptured out of the everyday relevance of life and the rare […]

Azhar Usman

Azhar Usman is a Chicago-based standup comedian, actor, writer, and producer. CNN called him “America’s Funniest Muslim,” and Georgetown University identified him as “one of the 500 Most Influential Muslims in the World.” Standup icon Dave Chappelle–for whom Azhar has opened over 50 times–commented “Azhar Usman is untouchable.” As the co-founder of the international comedy […]

Tasleem Jamila

A rare soul filled with healing power and energy, Tasleem Jamila is an author, inspirational speaker, Holistic Lifestyle Consultant and interdisciplinary artist who has performed across the U.S, in African and in Europe as a poet, performance artist and fashion designer. As a cultural producer, Tasleem utilizes her skills working with the youth conducting workshops on self-esteem, […]

Rafiqi Green

Rafiqi Green is an hip-hop and soul artist from Chicago’s Lawndale community. His musical expression covers many different topics from sociopolitical issues, to his Islamic faith, to love. Green recently released his latest single “Fiki Ali Bomayé”.


Hailing from New Jersey, Mazzi to the larger group S.O.U.L. (Sense Of Understanding Life’s) Purpose. He had opened for and worked with some of hip-hop’s biggest names. Mazzi travels to Palestine and Israel to do humanitarian work, including conducting workshops, talent shows and live performances for the youth in refugee camps. Documentaries called “Peace In The Middle East” and […]

Drea d’Nur

Singer and songwriter Drea d’Nur has been making an impact as an independent artist for 10 years. Drea is known for moving audiences with blue musical chords and matching warm vocal tones that serve as a fearless voice for those who are hurting. Honest lyrics illustrate how she found her resilience and divine love in the darkest moments. Drea […]


As an emcee and poet, PHENOM has dedicated his life to empowering the People through his music. In 1995, Michelle Obama chose him for the Public Allies program where he had the opportunity to work with and teach youth about violence prevention strategies. PHENOM started L.Y.R.I.C, (Let Your Rhymes Inspire Creativity) with co-founder and fellow poet K-Love […]

Shadia Mansour

Also known as “the first lady of Arabic hip-hop” is a London-born Palestinian singer and MC. Mansour began singing at Palestinian protest rallies as a child and she became known in London’s Palestinian community for performing classical Arab songs of protest at an early age. She has toured with Existence is Resistance, an organization supporting hip-hop shows in Palestine, […]